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In 1BRO, what are the benefits of your P3,988 investment?

1BRO Business Package Included at P3,988:

  • Eco Friendly 1BRO Business Kit
  • Membership ID CARD
  • Dealers Guide
  • Retailers Guide
  • Compensation Guide
  • Syntax Guide
  • Application Form
  • 3″ x 2″ Tarpaulin
  • Personal Website Account (for Sales Inventory)
  • P100,000 Accident Insurance
  • Unlimited Retailers

 1BRO 7 Ways to Earn (Benefit and Advantages):

  • Having a Lifetime Discount on Load up to 25% from more than 400 Prepaid Products.
  • You can Sign Up Unlimited 1BRO Retailers for P200 each.
  • Dealer earn up to 2% override bonus from load consumption of his retailers.
  • Earn P500 Unlimited for every Direct Referral.
  • Earn Additional P500 Pairing Bonus while building your own Corporation.
  • Being a Leader you can earn an additional 10% Leadership Override Bonus.
  • Earn an Additional P25 for every Indirect Referral from 2nd up to 8th Level.

On your P3,988 you can earn as much as P5,000 up to P30,000 a month doing this part time.

Why you should join 1BRO and our Team?

Choose the Best and Professionals!

  • Company - This company is on its pioneering stage. Though, there is nothing wrong in joining a company which has been existing for a few years, but you should always remember that our main business is marketing. How can you market your product if everyone in your circle is already a consumer or business partner? Who will you invite if everyone has heard of your company and its business? So there is a great advantage on being a pioneer. No doubt, time will come that everyone will learn about this company, so why not start today?… Before everyone else gets ahead of you. Sure, there are a few companies that boast of flashy cars and their millions… They should, coz they’ve been in the business for quite awhile. So if you start today, you can be one of those showing off some luxury cars in the near future… Coz with this 1BRO company, success is inevitable.
  • Product (Load/Basic Need) - In reality, all products being marketed out there have their own strong points. But 1BRO pre-paid load is in a whole different level, simply because there is no need for sampling, free tasting, or giving testimonials. Each person you talk to is either already using your product or knows someone who is using one. No need for persuasion or trickery especially to the users of the product… Which is majority of our population.
  • Capital (P3,988) - the cost of investment for this business is very affordable. Even students can invest with its low-cost startup. Most mobile phones nowadays even cost more than the investment in this business. So why not consider investing with us and let’s do this business together.
  • Compensation Plan - we can proudly say that our 1BRO compensation plan was designed with its members and mind and to ensure company stability. Simple enough to understand, because a complicated compensation plan comes with a complicated business, and that is not what we are. Maximize your earning potential by using our system and reach for your dreams. Together, we can make your dreams come true.
  • Full Team Support - we provide best support to our members, yes best support! We don’t just recruit people. We will train you until you reach your full potential. As long as you are willing to be trained, we will be working with you side by side, this is not a promise but a commitment to all of our members up to the last member in our group… In your group. No discrimination. No one will be left behind.

1BRO Team Inspired will passionately & sincerely mentor you on:

  • How we made our first million in this kind of industry in just a few months
  • How to do the right way of prospecting; dealing people
  • How to approach people in a professional and right manner
  • How to make effective advertisement; tested and proven marketing strategies
  • How to invite people, present the business in a simple way, follow through and sustain an
  • unstoppable zoom of network. and;
  • The most exciting part of this business, we will mentor you on our 1BRO System To Millions.

In our team, our utmost intention is prosper your business partnership with us and to propagate our proven system to sustain your upcoming dynamic team that will fuel and gear your entire business journey with the company. We have boundless, special incentives for our members for collaborative effort that we are not after for the money but we are just here to really help our business partners and share with them what we have.

What is 1BRO Global Incorporated?

1BRO Global Incorporated is a marketing company in the Philippines that is a provider of infinite growth and possibilities to its members, through its steadfast e-loading system and very robust business model, that brings prosperity to the lives of its members and their families, with excellence to local and regional markets.

The Loading Platform Used By 1BRO

1BRO powered by Loadcentral wherein Loadcentral is the most successful distribution solution provider for all prepaid services in the country today.

It facilitates the dispensing of airtime credits via SMS or a web-interface. This system can dispense electronic PINs (e-PINs) and even directly top-up credit into a subscriber’s account. With LoadCentral, any person with a cellular phone or PC with internet connection that has been registered into the LoadCentral platform can dispense and retail prepaid card products without even carrying any sort of prepaid card inventory. A LoadCentral Retailer can now either sell e-PINs of any brand of prepaid products, or even top-up and directly send load into subscriber’s account with a few simple steps using his mobile phone or PC with internet connection.

Uniwiz Trade Sales Inc. is developer and owner of the undisputed number one universal loading platform in the country today. Loadcentral is formerly owned by ComWorks Inc. the leading distributor of E-Loads, Physical Call Cards, Prepaid Internet Cards, Online Gaming Cards, Satellite Cards and others in the Philippines. ComWorks organized Uniwiz Trade Sales, Inc. on April 2005 to further expand its already vast distribution network.

If you join our Team here is your freebies (Best Offer Ever):

  • Free Website for Online Marketing (New & Elegant www.1broismybusiness.com)
  • Free 1BRO Video Presentation with your Name and Contact Details
  • Free 1BRO Training Booklet (Road to Success)
  • Free 1BRO Sulit Advertisement (Best Online Marketing Ever)
  • Free 1BRO FB Cover Photo (Effective Facebook Advertisement)
  • Free 1BRO Business Card / Calling Card Design
  • Free 1BRO Sticker Flyer Design (For Jeepney and Tricycle)
  • Free 1BRO Downloadable Training Files (Audio and Video)
  • We can provide you downlines on your Team A

Imagine if you have your own website with your business presentation on it, it means there is someone who is presenting your business while you are far away from your computer or while you are sleeping. Technology or Online marketing is the best strategy nowadays. This is for you.

My strategies and training materials are my secret to success, and it is already laid out to you and everyone joining your group. My support, actually, our team support will be endless as long as you let us support you and your group. In addition, my residence is just a block away from the 1BRO Global main office, so I can easily be there, in case you need my assistance.

Trust me when I say I will support you, because we both have the same reason in doing this business. Cooperation, Coordination, Trust, Willingness to Learn… These are the keys for success in 1BRO.

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